Rapala as an investment

Markets: Sport that lives with the seasons

Angling is a sport that lives with the seasons, with the summer season being the most active for the sport. Rapala VMC’s broad product portfolio and global presence help mitigate these seasonal changes, as our portfolio covers products for all seasons, and operating on both hemispheres ensure the season is always on. Furthermore, our position as the global market leader in the winter fishing category, bolstered by our catalog of winter sports products, allows us to drive sales throughout the year.

Strategy: Innovating, Sustainably

The Rapala Group’s strategy is based on innovation, modern product design, and sustainable fishing tackle products. Our PD plays a central role in producing exciting cutting-edge products that deliver confidence to demanding anglers worldwide. Through its ambitious goals, our company-wide sustainability strategy helps us take a pioneering role in sustainable fishing tackle manufacturing. Our e-commerce platform not only drives sales, but also operates as a platform for building, aligning, and communicating our brand messages.

Products: Business driven by strong products

Our business is driven by our products, with hard baits, reels, rods, and local categories, such as skiing, ice fishing, and carp fishing, in a central role. In hard baits, Rapala is the global market leader in hard-bodied lures. All Rapala lures come equipped with hooks provided by VMC, the world’s leading treble hook manufacturer and distributor. The rods and reels categories are driven by our brands Okuma and 13 Fishing. The local categories consist of products targeted for specific regions. Among these are the ski brand Peltonen Ski, the market-leading ice auger manufacturer StrikeMaster, and carp fishing brand Dynamite Baits.

Culture: One Rapala VMC

To cultivate and foster a sense of communality in our units around the world, we’ve taken a major leap towards a unified and cooperative workplace culture. The One Rapala VMC culture is based on an idea of all Rapala VMC’s business units working as one. This entails fewer management layers, less bureaucracy, less SKUs, fewer distribution centers, and having and we have more fun while working together as a tighter One Rapala VMC team. The One Rapala VMC culture drives a unified, agile, and growth-centered business environment.

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