Disclosure policy

The objective of Rapala VMC Oyj’s disclosure policy is to support the correct valuation of the company’s share by providing all markets accurate, consistent, up-to-date and sufficient information on the company’s operations, strategy, business environment and financial situation. Shared information needs to be equal and simultaneous to all market participants. The company complies with the requirements for the listed companies as defined by the Securites Markets Act, the rules and instructions of Nasdaq Helsinki and other regulations for publicly listed companies concerning disclosure of information.

Company has an internal disclosure policy that describes Rapala VMC Corporation’s general principles and practices for communication with capital markets participants. It applies to the whole Rapala Group.


The main channels of investor communications consist of stock exchange and press releases, interim reports, financial reports, company’s web site and investor meetings. All information is published simultaneously in Finnish and English through Nasdaq Helsinki, on Group’s website and to the key media.

Silent period

The company has a silent period of 30 days prior to the publication of an annual or quarterly report of the company